It’s time you had an introduction to a new way of life. In Ancient Greece, Epicurus developed a philosophy of enjoyment, a chance at supreme pleasure, and a life of what’s good for you. Historically, this Greek philosophy has roots in an organic and tempered growth of oneself - not forgetting friendship, love and laughter. But in modern, indeed more popular terms, Epicureans have simply been characterised as connoisseurs of fine wine and food; tangible and consumable, but nonetheless forms of this wider philosophy.

"Good taste is a skill to be nutured, and is mastered by few."

So what does this mean for you? It means you hold enjoyment of life close to heart, of course. You understand the necessity of pleasure, and you allow yourself to attain this and share it with those closest to you. As you’re forming memories on your travels, you uncover hidden gems. In a quest for quality, you find moments of beauty amongst the detail and the bustle. In living a life like this, there comes an only natural acquisition of good taste and style. You may already have it, but it’s a skill to be nurtured, never underestimated, and mastered by few.

But there is a new form of Epicureanism - one that runs throughout Psamathe. It remains true to love of good quality, yet aligns itself with sustainability. Take our Pasithea shirt as example; consciously-sourced linen fibres, shaking free of Mykonian sand. Produced by artisanal tailors that live and breathe their fabrics. A focus on returning to natural, durable, slow fashion. In a rejection of harmful, rapid practices, the Psamathe collection represents an attainment of quality and eclectic taste, partnering with environmentally-conscious fashion choices. It’s clothing that’s close to origins of inspiration. It’s about living through the Greek greats in Cycladic spirit, doing Pytheas proud.

Psamathean pieces you own will accompany you on journeys of exploration, stay with you through a lifetime of sun and sea, and grow with you and your experiences. They’re the staples that encapsulate what’s written here, designed for the lifestyle of an Epicurean, and for those of you adopting it now. The beach life that’s dreamt of is now attainable, and at no cost to the teal seas and golden grains that it comes from. Epicureanism has become more than just a life that’s good for you. It’s good for the planet.