About Us

Psamathe, Greek Goddess of sandy beaches, believed that pleasure is what makes us human. Naturally, we agree. That’s why all our clothes and accessories are crafted with Epicureanism at their core, designed with attention to purpose and functionality, freeing you to enjoy your best life.
We are more than just our clothes. Psamathe is upheld by five pillars, defining who we are and what we remain devoted to.

Enhancing the beach.
Like Achilles, Mykonos is close to perfect. Psamathe is the missing piece. Our clothes and accessories make the romanticised beach life a reality.

Curating effortless style.
While Clotho spins the thread of human life, Psamathe takes care of the tailoring. Trust us with your style, so you can live comfortably and create unforgettable memories.

Mykonos doesn’t compromise. Neither do we.
The oceanid Metis took care and consideration into all she did. With materials sourced from across Europe, we’ve taken the time to find the best, from the best.

Ambrosiac pieces with function.
Sustainability is important to us, so all our pieces will remain fit for purpose for many years to come.

We understand good taste. Our respect for texture goes beyond materiality, towards a love affair with quality, and all our carefully selected stockists empathise with the conscious tonal and aesthetic choices made throughout Psamathe.